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RSS And Atom News Feeds

ReleaseWire offers a large verity of RSS (Really simple Syndication) and Atom format news feeds including both standardized news feeds and customizable news feeds providing a steady stream of fresh news content.

News feeds are offered in a summary and link format, useful for adding news feeds to your favorite news reader application or web service. Additionally, news feed are offered in a full text format, including the entire content of each matching press release, useful for both direct reading or for application development.

ReleaseWire offers the following standardized news feeds:

Today’s Press Releases and Latest press Releases

Today’s press releases and Latest press releases news feeds include all press releases distributed in the current day or the last 20 press releases distributed. These news feeds are highly active with new content being added in real-time.

Industry Specific News Feeds

Industry specific news feeds include press releases from a specific industry or sub-industry. ReleaseWire offers over 200 different industry classifications to choose from.

Location Specific News Feeds

Location specific news feeds include press releases targeted to a specific geographical location. ReleaseWire offers over 2,000 different location specific news feeds including news feeds for New York, Chicago, Los Angles, London and many more.

Company Specific News Feeds

Company specific news feeds include press releases for an individual company. ReleaseWire provides news distribution for thousands of companies located all over the world. To locate company specific news feeds you can visit the Connect company directory.

ReleaseWire offers the following customizable news feeds:

Search Based News Feeds

ReleaseWire offers search based news feeds that are updated in real-time based on a search query. Search based news feeds can be created by entering a search query in ReleaseWire and looking for the orange icons at the bottom of the screen.

News Alerts Based News Feeds

ReleaseWire for Journalist service includes a powerful news alerts feature. Each user defined news alert includes a personalized news feed, including only matching press releases.