MediaWire by ReleaseWire

Encourage Engagement with Multimedia

Online visibility is key to expanding awareness of your brand. Press release distribution, and other content marketing activities, achieve increased results when messaging is delivered in multiple formats. By using photos, videos, logos, documents and audio, you provide viewers with more opportunities to discover your content.

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MediaWire by ReleaseWire provides you with a powerful, yet easy-to-use solution, to present your multimedia content to consumers, journalists and bloggers.

Based on our internal research, press releases, company profiles and professional profiles which include multimedia content, are much more likely to get noticed.

Attachment of multimedia content is offered as a complementary service to all ReleaseWire clients and is fully integrated with all ReleaseWire media engagement solutions.

Increase Viewer Engagement

Use multimedia to convey your message to viewers in unique ways, keeping them engaged with your content. Include a video hosted on sites such as YouTube, to show a new product demo. Provide listeners with a full audio recording of a teleconference or webcast. Include a product brochure in PDF format. MediaWire gives you the flexibility to convey your message using a mix of rich content.

Increase Media Engagement

With today’s media landscape, journalists, editors and bloggers are being asked to increasingly produce more content using less resources. By including multimedia content in your press releases, company profiles and professional profile, you will make it easier for influential journalists to create engaging content about your company.