ReleaseWire CRM

Streamlined Media Outreach

By using ReleaseWire CRM, businesses of all sizes can manage their long-term relationships with journalists, bloggers, editors and other members of the media.

ReleaseWire NewsWire - CRM Contact Management

Quickly Reach Journalists and Bloggers

Easily organize your media contacts. Send press releases to journalists and bloggers by using the fully integrated ReleaseWire NewsWire service. ReleaseWire CRM helps you identify responsive and influential Journalists who best communicate your message.

Effectively Manage Your Media Contacts

Contacts can be added individually or a collection of contacts can be imported from other applications. You can create media lists, to segment your contacts, so you can easily choose who receives your press releases. View reports which show successful delivery of your press releases.

Connect With More Media Outlets

Assemble information about media outlets which include newspapers, online, television, radio and other publications. ReleaseWire CRM helps you identify which media outlets are most relevant and responsive to your press release. Use these connections to expand your press release distribution reach.

Replace the Sticky Notes

Organize your to-dos such as tasks, meetings, and calls. Track the status and prioritize your tasks. Monitor and adjust your scheduled priorities. Conveniently pre-plan for major events. Have a complete view of your scheduled agenda in one location. Nurture your relationships with journalists on a scheduled basis.

Build Your Relationship With Journalists

Document and respond to inquiries from journalists. Keep accurate notes and a full history of your interactions while building your professional relationships. Become recognized as a reliable source.