ReleaseWire CRM

Streamlined Media Outreach
Media Contacts

ReleaseWire CRM - Contact Management

Use media contacts to store and update valuable contact information about influential journalists.

Media Outlets

ReleaseWire CRM - Media Outlet Management

Our CRM lets you add and manage information about media outlets; what sort of audience they reach, what industry they cover, their creditability and their media outlet type.

Media Lists

ReleaseWire CRM - Media List Management

Our application allows you to add an individual contact or outlet information or import a collection of contacts for easy segmentation efforts.


ReleaseWire CRM - Contact Notes

ReleaseWire CRM allows you to keep notes about your media contacts and outlets to further your information to build and better your messaging.

CSV Import

ReleaseWire CRM - CSV Import

Use the CSV file for uploading segmented media contacts and outlets to save time and effort.


ReleaseWire CRM - Request Tracking

Requests for products or other services you offer can be documented in ReleaseWire CRM for journalists.